Granting Task Update Approvals to a Security Group


By default, the Project Managers group has the correct permissions set that allow them to access the Task Updates page and approve updates to tasks. However, if you want to create or grant another group to have this ability, you need to specify a few specific permissions. For instance, the Team Leads group doesnt have these permissions by default, but depending on your organization, you may want to grant them this ability. To give them this ability, edit the Team Leads’ group properties by going to Manage Groups on the Server Settings page. The first setting is under Global Permissions at the bottom of the page. Expand it, and you will see a long list of areas or abilities that you can give Team Leads access to.

We need them to be able to view the Task Updates page. To do this, check the Allow box (the leftmost one) for View Approvals under the Views section at the bottom of the list.

Now that they have the ability to view the Tasks Update page, we need to give them the ability to approve or reject task updates. To do this, click the name of the category that is assigned to the group, and a list of permissions will appear below it. From that list, they will need two permissions under the Project section, Accept Task Update Requests and Open Project. Check the Allow box next to both of these permissions.

One thing to check is if they are assigned to multiple categories, whether they are denied in any of these permissions in the other categories. If they are, remove those because even though they are allowed the permission somewhere else, the deny permission trumps it.

Once you have all these settings correctly set, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Posted By: Jason Stegner

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