Finding The Balance Between Old BI And New BI


02H18047There has been a lot of talk about Old BI vs New BI lately. And, as new BI systems technology becomes increasingly prevalent, we can expect to hear more and more of these types of talks. But what are we debating when we talk about “new” vs “old” BI systems? Is one really better than the other? Is there a way to balance both?


Old Or New, It’s All About Data

When people talk about “old” vs “new” business intelligence systems, what they are really referring to is data warehousing (DW) vs big data analytics. Both systems are simply ways of storing and interacting with large amounts of data, but each system takes a slightly different approach.


  • Data Warehousing. A data warehouse is the “old” system. In a data warehousing system there is a historical single point of reference for all data in a corporation. In other words, in a data warehouse system provides a “single version truth” for the purposes of decision making within a corporation.
  • Big Data Analytics. Big data is considered a “new” system. Big data allows for the storage of massive amounts of “unlocked” information. The advantages of employing a big data solution is that more valuable information is accessible and able to be used for decision making. The theory behind big data solutions is that having more available information will lead to better, more nuanced decision making and, ultimately, increased revenue and profitability.


Hybrid Systems Work Best

Don’t feel as though you have to choose either an “old” system or a “new” one. These two types of systems aren’t mutually exclusive and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thinking about these two different types of BI systems, it is useful to think of them like this – big data is more a type of technology and data warehousing is more a type of architecture. In other words, look to big data solutions when you’re trying to figure out how to store and manage your data. This is exactly what these new big data business intelligence platforms are really built for, and it’s what they do best. That said, when it comes to finding a way to organize your data, look to solutions that leverage data warehousing. Data warehousing will help you organize your data in a way that will give you corporate credibility and total data integrity.


While debate rages on about “old” and “new” types of BI systems, the truth of the matter is that both have their merits. Finding a happy medium between old and new systems will help ensure that your data maintains its integrity and remains accessible to corporate decision makers.


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