Customizing the Risk Category List


One of the most important topics in the ProjectManagement Process is the Risk Management. As part of the identification and registration of a risk it is important to identify what kind of risk you are registering in.
By default, when the Project Workspace is created, a special Risk List is also created with default parameters.

However, those parameters are often incomplete and you must customize them in order to make them sense to your project. This is the case of Risk Categories. When registering a new risk, you have the dropdown menu for the category but it is populated only with “(1) Category 1, (2) Category 2, (3) Category 3” options.

So, how can you customize this list? Easy enough. First, enter the Risk list by clicking the Risks link in the quick launch menu on the left of your project workspace. You’ll see the list below.

Now click on the Settings button and it will display several options. Click on List Settings.

Now locate the Columns list and search for the Category column. Click on it.

Go to the Additional Column Settings and locate the options for the Category column.

Change this list for your custom list and set which category you want to use as default.

Click on OK and return to the list. Create a new risk and check your customized cat
egory list.

If you find that this list should apply to all your projects, ask your system administrator to customize the project workspace template so it is included every time you publish a new project into your project server.

Posted By: Rene Alvarez


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