Creating or Recording Macros on the Enterprise Global Template


Creating a Macro in VBA

1. Open Microsoft Project Professional 2007 and connect

2. When prompted, log in to connect to Project Server.

3. Click Tools > Enterprise Options > Open Enterprise Global. This opens the Enterprise Global template.

4. The new project will appear blank. You know you’re working with the Enterprise Global Template because of the file name at the top.

5. Next open the Visual Basic Editor. Click Tools > Macro > Visual Basic Editor.

6. In the Project Explorer window you will most likely see the following projects: Global.MPT, Checked-out Enterprise Global, Global (+ non-cached Enterprise) and Project1. 

7. Make sure that you are working in the Checked-out Enterprise Global.

8. Right click on VBAProject (Checked-out Enterprise Global) >Insert, then Left click on Module.

9. This expands the VBAProject (Checked-out Enterprise Global) to reveal its Modules folder and highlights the new Module for you. In this example the new module is Module4.

10. When finished creating the macro click Save

11. Close the Visual Basic window.

12. You will return to the Checked-out Enterprise Global file in Microsoft Project Professional. Click Save.

13. Close the Checked-out Enterprise Global template.

14. When prompted Check-in the Enterprise Global template.

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