Configure PWA Access For Migrated Project Server Authenticated Users


After you have performed a successful migration of Project Server from 2003 to 2007, there are a couple of steps that still need to be taken depending on your environment. One of those steps is configuring migrated users who were set to use Project Server Authentication on the 2003 system. When you performed the migration the users were brought over, and they will show up in your users list, however they will not be able to log in. At this point you have two options: change the user to windows authentication, or setup forms authentication on your database server.

Changing a User to Windows Authentication

If you go to the user settings page, you will see the User Authentication section is missing. In order to bring it back, you will need to go to the resource center, select the resource associated with the user account, and go to the edit details page. At the top of the Identification Information section, there is a check box: Resource can log on to Project Server. This will bring the User Authentication section back. Select Windows Authentication and enter a domain user account. Hit Save and that user will now be able to log in.

Setting Up Forms Authentication

If Windows Authentication isn’t an option, then you will need to configure forms authentication on your database server. Microsoft has a great TechNet article outlining the process.

There are a couple of important things to note during the setup process that might cause you trouble. When Project Server Authenticated users are migrated, the passwords are left behind. So when you import the users into the database it will generate a random password. The password has to be at least seven characters long, or else the user import process will fail. This is specified with the –passwordlength flag.

The other thing to note is that when you are importing the users you will need to use you newly created forms authentication access site URL, since that is the one you configured the webconfig.xml file for. This also means that you will need to specify a current forms authenticated user in order to access the site. Since this is a new forms authentication setup, you will have to add one. Login to pwa and create a new user with forms authentication, or change a current user (other than the administrator) to forms authentication. You will then specify that username and password in the command line using both the –username and –password flags. If you don’t use the forms authentication URL and specify an forms authentication user, then the user import will fail to connect to the SQL backend. Once the users are successfully in the database, they will be able to login to PWA using the forms authentication URL.

Posted By: Jason Stegner

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    Romel Rodriguezd

    Hi, this is a great tip,
    I´ve been looking the way to add users to the DB, and I found this article, but, the migrated users have to logon into the new web? (http://projectserver/81 and the windows auth have to logon into http://projectserver/81)

    best regards

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