Communication Styles: Why Learn Them?


Communication styles affect every workplace, are any of these challenges affecting yours?

* Not giving enough information to complete a job and then criticizing coworkers for not following directions.
* Not getting to the point.
* Bluntness and rudeness.
* Workers who tell you after the fact what bothered them.
* Employees who never stop talking!
* Employees who pass the buck.
* Bosses who will not make a decision without getting input from everyone and everything around him or her, and then still won’t make the decision.

The interesting thing about this list is that each one of these complaints directly line up with an individual way or style of communicating.

## Do You Know What Your Communication Style Is?

Of course you do, at least sort of.

You know what you like; you know what you don’t like. You know if you are quieter, if you come across bold, if you are a warmer more accepting communicator. You also know if you take a longer time to build trust in others. Valuable information, yet until it is laid out in a way that makes sense to you, it is difficult to know what to do with the information you innately have.

Each of us lives in our own communication and focus world, which makes up our _communication style_. You can learn how to read the communication styles in others by learning more about your own communication style.

## Why Learn About Communication Styles?

For me, learning about communication styles changed my life.  It saved my job, it saved my marriage and it dramatically improved my relationship with my teenagers.

You too can know how to get what you want from others in a way that makes people want to give you more. Workers respond better because you understand their preferred style of communication.

In approaching a communication styles specific stress behavior ask yourself a few targeted questions to identify how the employee communicates.

Once you have communication styles down, the best approach is quite easy to prescribe as the employees’ response is 98% predictable.  Wouldn’t that be a nice tool to have in your tool belt?

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