Do You Know Microsoft’s Channel 9?


Do You Know Microsoft’s Channel 9?

If you’re looking to increase your understanding of BI, online resources are a great addition to in-person seminars. Designed to be a video platform for the public, Microsoft’s Channel 9 is bursting with relevant information for those who wish to increase their BI skills without having to pay thousands of dollars to attend a Microsoft conference, and provides information that you can reference again and again. Microsoft will often record their conferences for those who could not attend and post them on Channel 9 a few weeks later, providing vital information to those who could not make it and a great refresher to those who did!

The channel was born in 2004, when Microsoft experienced reputation issues and needed to present a more transparent face to the world. The company’s intention was to create a space for clear discussion of platforms, tools, and resources, as well as resolution of issues.

Business optimization, reporting intelligence, and automation are just some of the topics covered on this site. Read below to discover exactly what this essential resource has to offer.


If you want to learn or brush up on a skill, Microsoft’s Channel 9 is your new best friend. Offering Demo of the Day, this exceptional site offers skill-building tutorials that walk you through each step of the process on your way to mastery. These videos are posted daily and can be referenced again and again as you become more familiar with the material being taught.

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Conference Keynotes

Couldn’t attend that Microsoft conference you wanted to? No worries! Microsoft’s Channel 9 ensures that you get the keynote presentations you’re looking for.

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Humorous Help

Learning is always more effective when it’s fun.

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With titles like, “Machine Learning for Muggles,” you can trust that the information you’ll be provided is current, on-target, and down-to-earth. Microsoft’s Channel 9 carries a wide variety of content, uploaded daily, so you never have to worry about being bored with the same old presenter. There are new voices and faces sharing new insights every day, with fresh perspectives on cutting edge BI topics.

The web is wide, and it can be difficult to find tutorials that you can both trust and enjoy. Luckily, Microsoft’s Channel 9 is a hidden gem that can help boost your BI knowledge by the end of the first video.

If you have business intelligence questions of any kind, we are here to be your number one support.

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