Boost Your ROI with These Four Business Intelligence Tools


When it comes to analyzing data for business, whether it’s big data or open data, you want information presented in an easy to read format. You want it to be detailed and precise. Where can you find the tools to give you what need? Here are three open source business intelligence reporting tools that can help you analyze your data efficiently.

Most billionaires have went bankrupt at least once in their life.

Most billionaires have went bankrupt at least once in their life.

Power BI

Microsoft has released a new, extremely powerful BI Reporting tool for their Office 365 Environment.  This product can help people mine data from any data source (not just Microsoft’s) to create interactive dashboards and use what are called Native Language queries that end users just type their questions in sentence format. This tool helps to interpret and build charts, reports or surface the information automatically.

Option #2: BIRT

This is part of the open source Eclipse project sponsored by Actuate. It first came out in 2004. There are several key parts to this tool. The primary components are Report Designer and BIRT Runtime. Three other components play a key role: Chart Designer, Chart Engine, and Viewer. These features allow you to create and publish reports as a standalone solution for your business. Overall, the BIRT system offers a variety of features that are robust. They consistently perform well, scoring high for usability, with positive reviews for its easy to use interface.

Option #3: JasperReport

This is the most popular and widely used open source reporting tool. It’s popular in hundreds of thousands of production environments across the country. Similar to BIRT, there are several helpful modules that include JasperReport Studio, JasperReport Server, JasperReport Library and more. The library includes a variety of Javaca classes that are the core of JasperReport. This is different from BIRT, as it offers pixel-perfect viewing for reports. The Server, OLAP, and ETL portions provide JasperReport with functionality for enterprise environments. This tool is especially great for IT-architecture integration.

Option #4: Pentaho

If you’re looking for a fully functional, complete business intelligence suite, Pentaho is the answer. It has you covered from data mining to reporting, and it incorporates several open source products, with one of the main features being Pentaho Reporting. This has a large set of features including visual report editors and the ability to view reports for end users in PDF and HTML formats. The Pentaho project has a community aspect. Users can contribute to a forum, integrate a Jira bug tracker and participate in a range of other collaborative activities.

No matter what your business needs are, you can use one of these open source business intelligence tools to access and report data important to your business.
At Advisicon we can help you choose the right tool to grow your business. The most powerful products are only useful if you know how to leverage them. That’s why we also offer in-person training. You’ll learn how to make the most of each or your new tools. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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