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Why Attend a Business Intelligence (BI) Webinar?

Business Intelligence (BI) software is the new shiny toy that businesses are jumping to play with. Its capabilities can transform your business: it enables an analytics-driven culture, has data-mining abilities that allow your decision-making process to be more informed and efficient, and keeps your users more informed and connected.

Ultimately, its designed to save time. Widespread use of BI software has resulted in 75% less time spent in data gathering, as per SA Health business transformation study.

Software can’t do everything?

Too often, however, Business Intelligence software doesnt supply the intelligence which businesses thought they were paying for. Its not that the software is damaged, or defunct – its that the process extends beyond just installation. You need to have an ongoing collaboration with your IT department, ironing out issues that are specific to your teams needs.

Do you have an IT department?

Some businesses, though, dont have an IT department. What they have is an expensive software system with expensive software problems, and nobody to turn to. To help, weve identified some of the common issues businesses face with their BI software. Hopefully, you arent experiencing these now. These issues waste time, give you headaches, and ultimately lower your ROI.

Here they are:

  • -Youre still using spreadsheets in your BI
  • -Users continue to rely on IT for receiving reports
  • -Youre having trouble accessing BI data from mobile devices
  • -Your users arent receiving current data
  • -Your BI is unable to deliver Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • -You often have to manually tinkerwith the BI software
  • -Dashboards are hard to access and customize
  • -Your BI is still using proprietary language

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ll be happy to know you aren’t alone.

Many businesses dont have the workforce to properly maintain a BI system. Thus, weve seen the rise of BI webinars, focused on addressing the common issues businesses are experiencing with their BI software.

BI webinars are an accessible resource that provide expertise in topics from simple troubleshooting to dashboard makeovers.

For an issue as potentially complicated as BI practices, its important to deliver relevant information from industry experts. BI webinars often include specialists, gurus, and industry experts. They enable interaction and questions, and can be a valuable tool for receiving personalized suggestions.

It’s a small commitment

The main benefit of a BI webinar is that they require little commitment from the viewer. These are often free of charge, vary in length, and are sometimes offered on-demand, so you can watch it and come back to it as you please.

In short, implementing BI is too large an investment to let small problems slow you down. There are often simple solutions that are coming from people who have experienced them before. BI Webinars are a great way to explore and share your issues with users and experts to achieve your original goal of increasing your ROI.




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