Advisicon a Sponsor of Pro-ject´ Accountability: Dashviews, data, updates oh my – who is doing the work?


I was listening to one of the syndicated news talk shows recently, and heard an interview with a US Senator. The topic was related to spending at the US Federal level, impact in critical factors such as the economy, employment and other social elements. Of course, there is always two sides to a situation, and the US Government represents a dichotomy of opinions. What really caught my attention was the phrase ‘promote accountability’. The US Senator was explaining that many decisions, issues, risks and other activity are happening, but who is representing the concept of accountability — essentially promoting that someone has to do the work, pay the price, or except the outcome. The decisions today simply cannot pass through a bottomless entity without some type of repercussions – think of Newton’s Third Law Action/Reaction.

I am working with the senior leadership team for Advisicon creating the FY2010 plans, and reflecting on historical data. My review of FY2009 reminded me of the substantial and sudden change in the US and global economics, which had a direct impact on our clients’ and partners’ business environment. Many companies were retrenching, extending the use of their current technology (much of it was outdated), reducing their enterprise pool of resources and cancelling programs and work activity — Back to Basics was the new corporate mantra, essentially ‘stop the bleeding’ of cash and market share. What resulted was a flood of hasty decisions, organizational changes and influence of key markets and industries that may have long-term impacts. We found executives were breaking new territory with how they were leading their companies and basing their decisions on available data and instincts. The outcome, people were held accountable for their decisions. Companies went bankrupt, while others prospered. Jobs were lost and landed and economic processes altered (evident with changes in capital lending). Who remembers the relentless dialogue and comments such as ‘we didn’t see this coming’, or ‘who would have predicted’. Of course who could forget the public blame flood at the US Government level – someone needs to accept blame for allowing this to happen.

Ultimately, our business is based on the core concept that a cycle of decisions occurs naturally and 100% of the time. We help companies obtain better control over the data and visibility across the company as it relates to those decisions (e.g. work, people and costs). We mentor decision makers to analyze and embrace the data and perspectives. We enable all corners of a company to be connected to the work and output. We are proud of being able to help executives be better decision makers. The solutions and consulting we provide enables insight, planning and forecasting. At the end of the day, only results matter. Results are 100% related to people. Thus, someone is accountable.

Looking at FY2010, we believe the mantra will evolve from Back to Basic to Pro-ject´ Accountability. This concept is forward thinking, embraces predictive actions, leverages the data and inevitably puts money where your mouth is. The days of innovative project planning and uncovering input from the communities is changing to metrics and accountability. Companies have to be wrong less and right more in order to prosper.

2010 will be another significant year for the economy and people. Please join us to create a culture to Pro-ject´ Accountability!



Tim Cermak, MBA PMP


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    Donna Iding

    This is something the world needs!
    Would be great to see business move to this.

    I like the idea that businesses should now be focused on forward thinking, embraces predictive actions, and to leverage the data. I belive business will still use innovative project planning and uncovering input from the communities but will use more and more and change to metrics and accountability.

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