Accepting Updated Tasks in PWA


Upon logging on to PWA you will be directed to your Home page.

On the Home page, in the “Reminders” section, under “Approvals” you can see if any tasks have been submitted for your approval. Click “Tasks Updates” on the Quick Launch bar on the left to begin the approval process.

You can view the updated tasks in either a List or Gantt view. To change between views, click “Settings” in the upper right area of the table. From the “Settings” drop down menu choose “View Options”.

The “View Options” section expands at the top of your page. Here you can toggle between the List and Gantt views. The List and Gantt views also offer different options for what you can see in each view.

In both the List and Gantt views, any text in Red indicates that you have not yet accepted or rejected that update yet. On the List view, text in Black indicates work performed on a task that you have already approved.

To view the details and history of updates on a task, from the “Tasks Updates” page click the hyperlink that is the task name. This will bring up the Task Details window. When finished reviewing the details click “OK” to return to the “Tasks Updates” page.

In the “Tasks Updates” page follow these steps to Accept or Reject updated tasks:
1.    Review the work submitted on each task. When finished reviewing, click the check box to the left of the task name.
2.    Click either “Accept” or “Reject” in the menu bar.

3.    After you click “Accept”, a confirmation window will appear. From here you can:
a.    Type in a comment to the resource (optional);
b.    Preview how accepting this task will affect the project schedule;
c.    Officially accept the update by clicking “Accept”.

Below is an example of what you might see when you choose to Preview how the updates will change the project. The tasks that are affected are hightlighted in green. When finished reviewing the Preview, click “Close” in the bottom right to return to the “Tasks Updates” page.

4.    After you click “Reject”, a confirmation window will appear. From here you can:

a.    Type in a comment to the resource (optional);
b.    Officially reject the update by clicking “Reject”.

After you Accept and/or Reject tasks, they will be removed from your “Tasks Update” page.

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