A Little About AdPAK


It has been a wonderfully busy week for Advisicon’s Technical Services Team.

We have had the opportunity to deliver unique, customized SharePoint solutions to our customers, such as photo translation tools, custom search web parts, and data import applications.

Only with the challenge of new situations can we really grow. From the unique experiences this week we gained valuable knowledge in enhancing the capabilities of these tools. Capabilities that truly bring business and technology together.

These customized solutions are part of our AdPAK family. The AdPAK contains numerous bolt-on tools, and solutions that help enhance and extend a variety of applications used in today’s places of business. It is an extension of capabilities specifically designed to meet the needs of the business in which it resides.

Whether it is a tool to tackle difficult SharePoint administrative tasks, or one that creates ETL packages on the fly, the same goal in design exists: enhance and simplify the technical experience, and empower the user.

At present we are only offering these solutions as part of our services engagements as final versions are tested and prepared for Public release. Please go to Advisicon.com to find out more about the services that Advisicon has to offer.

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