What is a RACI Chart?

A RACI chart is a useful tool is determining roles within a project and assigning tasks that correlate with each role to the right person at the organization. This matrix maps out a range of information about a project, including workloads, assignments, roadblocks and results. RACI charts serve to simplify project management and provide clear expectations of what each member of the organization must meet for the project to be successful.

Overview of RACI Chart

R – Responsible: Shows what each employee is expected to do for tasks and when their part of the project is due. It also communicates who “owns” the project.

A – Accountable: Identifies who has the final say on completed tasks. This is the decision-maker who takes appropriate action in notifying others or approving work when tasks are completed.

C – Consulted: The person (or persons) who will be made aware of changes, problems, task completions and other issues. They provide feedback and are a source of reliable information throughout progress of the project.

I – Informed: Identifies who must be notified of updates to the project, from budget changes to progress on timeline and overall results.

Take a look below for what a typical example of a RACI chart can look like.

raci chart exampleWhat are the benefits of using a RACI chart?

Clear overview of employee responsibilities: RACI charts serve to limit confusion and wasted resources on a project. This includes balancing heavy workloads, serving as a platform for conflict resolution and redistributing tasks when necessary. In addition, new employees can use this information to see where they fit in an organization, and what’s expected of them in their roles.

Big-picture snapshot of how a company functions: A RACI chart is great way to take a top-level look at how an organization operates. These tools also are key in identifying roadblocks in communications, stunted workflows, and issues that continually arise by showing clearly where the breakdowns in efficiency are occuring.

Simplifies project management: From the perspective of a project manager, a RACI chart shows clearly who’s accountable for what and who reports to who. This limits confusion for the employees they’re managing and helps free managers with a lot on their plates to focus on their work and avoid distracting questions.

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